• Paul Curtis

When Will Media Stop Cruise Ship Bashing?

The media needs to shift its focus to the right enemy. I’ve certainly picked up a virus more frequently travelling by air than ever on a cruise. This is because, on a plane, individual space is inhumanly restricted, immigration and queuing is like sale time in a cattle yard and on disembarking before they open the door, the plane’s air conditioning sucks.

A flight under these terrible conditions gives catching a virus an extremely good chance before even reaching the cruise ship.

The only advantage of being on an aeroplane is they don’t have buffets!

My predictions for future cruising will be smoother boarding and disembarking procedures with ports making concessions by extending dock time without increasing dues. We can also expect the disappearance of self-service buffets and, perhaps on the Queens, ballroom dancing giving way to the twist!

One thing is for sure: the first case of a traveller carrying Covid 19 was almost certainly on an aeroplane. A quick check of an atlas shows few cruise ships calling in at Wuhan!

Will ballrooms dancing give way to native dancing? My photo was taken for my book Aboard the Pacific Princess. I like the social distancing!