• Paul Curtis

Trivia: Trad or Mod?

I recently asked a question on the FB pages of a number of ship enthusiast sights

about what they thought of the growing trend to adorn hulls with all sorts of designs rather than having the traditional one-colour for the hull..

I have illustrated this here with a photo of the QM2, which I took for my book High Tea on the Cunard Queens, and one from Fincanteri of their 'state of the art' ship Norwegian Prima.

An overwhelming 82% didn't like the new fashion. However, the enthusiasts of Princess Cruises, who do adorn their hulls,were 40 percent in favour, but Cunard enthusiasts were overwhelmingly against it.

What does all this mean? Haven't a clue! But it does seem the younger market has no real objection to it. But those passionately against it are fans of those ships primarily catering for a more mature market.