• Paul Curtis


While we might not be able to actually cruise at the moment, at least we can think about and remember ships from the past. Back in the 70s,the orignal Pacific Princess changed cruising from the exclusive province of the rich into affordable holidays for everyone. To top it off, the Pacific became the star of the long running TV series, The Love Boat.

The high jinx filmed on board played a key role in popularising cruising into the multi-billion-dollar industry it has become, even if momentarily challenged..

She was finally scrapped in 2013, but a new Pacific Princess has been cruising the world since 1999 . She has a huge following of loyal cruisers and for those I released a a new second edition of my book Aboard Pacific Princess . I also included a round-up of the Princess fleet. I love the size of this ship and the book is available in print and e-book from on-line book sellers around the world.